I'm Free, Mothafucka!

–Auto-Tuned Bee, A Bee or Something

Auto-Tuned Bee
A Bee or Something 57
"I'm free, mothafucka!"






None (possibly)


Red (possibly)

Times Dead


The Auto-Tuned Bee's a character who randomly appears in Dick Figures episodes. He is known to sing a line, and end it with "mothafucka!" always. He is voiced by Ed Skudder.


A Bee or Something (First Appearance)

(coming out of Red's butt when he farts) "I'm free mothafucka!"


"It's just a dream mothafucka!"

Zombies & Shotguns

"Season 2 mothafucka! OW!"

Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

"We're back, mothafuckas!"

Losing Streakers

Is seen flying into Red's mouth, making him swallow it which makes his voice auto-tuned again so that he could interact with a slot machine.

First Day of Cool

Seen flying out of the bus right after Jason.

Ballad of Lord Tourettes

Seen flying near the sign of the Shit Piss Fart Woods, at the beginning of the episode.

Robot Frog

Seen flying into Red's mouth making him have his 1st auto-tuned voice, which explains A Bee or Something.

GTA: Pacific Grim

Seen flying, inside of Red's mind while he was playing GTA: Pacific Grim.

The Movie:

He appearences twice in a same appearances of First Day of Cool and after Credits.

"That shit was crazeeeey. Yeah.""


  • In some episodes, there're some points where Red does sing in his auto-tuned voice (for example, the end of Camp Anarchy & Bath Rhymes). It's possible that he might've swallowed the bee again, but off screen, either accidentally or purposely.
  • The only episodes that the bee has ever appeared (so far) other than a season premiere or the series premiere are OMG, First Day of Cool and Ballad of Lord Tourettes.
  • Losing Streakers is the only Season Premiere that doesn't have the bee saying that they're back. We're not counting A Bee or Something because that's the Series premiere, not a Season Premiere.
  • In Losing Streakers, it doesn't show how the bee gets out of Red, since he got his normal voice at the end of the episode. It is possible that the bee got out of Red's butt off screen.
  • He is few characters died least once or never to die.
  • He don‘t need air in OMG.
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