Captain Crookygrin
Cpt Crookygrin
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Dead
Friends Mr. Dingleberry, Red, Blue.
Enemies None
Aliases Captain Major Lieutenant Crookygrin Private First Class Retired
Times Dead 1
Voiced By Ed Skudder

Captain Crookygrin is a minor character in Dick Figures: The Movie. He is a pilot and has alcoholic blindness. He was one of Mr. Dingleberry's friends back in the war. He attempted to stop Red and Blue from reaching the Great Sword of Destiny, but failed to recognize the two of them.

Since he is beloved by some fans, it's likely that he'll be a reoccurring or cameo character in the Dick Figures series. This was later proven to be false. However, the group held a funeral for Crookygrin in Figured Out.



  • "Tally ho!
  • "Your mom's got a mother."
  • "A thousand flights, a thousand crashes, perfect record."
  • "Are you hungry?"
  • "I like the color green a lot! But also the bathroom, 'cause that's where you can barf!"


  • He is close friends with Mr. Dingleberry.
  • He has crashed every landing he has ever made.


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