Chad Cop
Commisioner Chad Cop
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Friends {{{None}}}
Enemies Kitty Amazing (Character), Red (at times), Blue (at times), and Earl Grey
Aliases Cop, Quandt, That Police with the mustache, Police Man, Sarah Connors (alter ego), Chad Gendarmerie (French counterpart, in the movie)
Times Dead 2
Voiced By Chad Quandt

Character Summary

Commissioner Chad Cop is the commissioner of the local police force in Dick Figures. First appeared in Kitty Amazing, where he was killed. Seemingly immortal (like most of the other characters), he was back to normal in We're Cops! where he welcomed Red and Blue as one of their own. He was felled at the hands of Earl Grey. Presumably restored to normal when Batman shot his eye blast through Bloser's prism and destroyed Earl Grey. He is seen at the end of Terminate-Her! as a reincarnation of Sarah Connors, suddenly gaining scythe-like hands.

Real Life human summary

Chad Quandt voices Commissioner Chad Cop and other assorted voices on Dick Figures.

He has appeared in Kitty Amazing, We're Cops, Adventures of Batman & The Bloser, and Terminate-Her!

Chad also does voices on Mondo Media shows Goodbye Kitty as The Vet and Destructo Box as characters including Bear Warrior and Thparticus.

Chad is a comedy writer and standup based in Los Angeles.



Kitty Amazing

In this episode, Chad said to Red that he heard the sound of death and secrets in town and asked Red if everything was alright. Red, fearing he would be arrested, showed him Kitty Amazing and he died.

Fang Angels

He has his smallest role in this episode as one of the cops who arrested Red.

We're Cops!

He is the first policeman we meet in this episode who tells Red and Blue about what happened. Later he accepted Red as one of their own when he yelled We're Cops!

Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

He was killed by one of the color-draining bombs of Earl Grey. After Batman and the Bloser killed Earl Grey, Chad has possibly resurrected.


Sarah Connors (the slut) disguised herself as Chad after failing to murder Blue, referencing the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Dick Figures: The Movie

Chad appears in the movie (as a French version of himself called Chad Gendarmerie), working for Lord Takagami (presumably, not actually explained/shown in the movie) to hunt down Red (Rouge, as he calls him) and Blue to retrieve the Great Sword of Destiny. The French police (aka, Gendarmerie) all look exactly like him, however, with curly moustaches, unlike Chad.


  • He never actually got a name until the opening of Season 3.
  • He is one of the first characters to get a surname/last name.
  • He may have been a morphing cyborg the whole time, or it could have been another Terminator that took form of him, just like the real movie.
  • He can be the Ruler of the Cops in the town.
  • It's possible he is a commissioner, but that's still to be decided.
  • So far, we have never seen his eyes.
  • Originally, he was supposed to be permanently dead in Kitty Amazing, but apparently in Dick Figures, no one stays dead.(except some very minor characters e.g:Stella)
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