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Chick Figures is a tra-digital spin-off animated web series created by Six Point Harness Studios, produced by Mondo Media, and directed by Ed Skudder & Zack Keller. It is based off it's original series Dick Figures, and it's hit episode Chick Figures. The series stars Red and Blue's daughters, including Scarlet {Red's daughter}, the drunk, crazy, and party loving girl, and Lavender {Blue's daughter}, the serious, responsible girl.

Characters that appeared in the episode (but may not appear in the series), include Salmon/Lavender's boyfriend, Burgundy/Scarlet's boyfriend, Hoseph, the "Cool Girl" who sounds like a high pitched man, Mama-san, a raccoon with a male's voice, Jacey, the girl with various Meme faces, and Lord Tourettes, who also appeared in the original series. Like Dick Figures, The show gives no warning to coarse language, the title Chick Figures also comes from the name Stick Figures, but with Stick replaced with Chick, since the stars of the series are both chicks.


Episode Number Episode Name
1 Mighty Neckbeard
2 Nerve Gas
3 Dreamjob Nightmare
4 Goople



Scarlet is a sex-obsessed, alcoholic party girl. She is most of the time drunk and she often swears at people even if they're her own friends and she loves to sing about how sexy she is. She loves to have sex with boys especially her boyfriend Burgundy. Scarlet looks exactly like her male counterpart only with some differences. For instance, she has pigtails on the sides of her head that are much like Stacy's, eyelashes, boobs, and a skirt. Her voice is also different and sounds like Stacy's. She looks like a combination between Red and Stacy. {Reds and fat ulgy girl (not ulgy any more) daughter} 

{Also Stacy and fat ugly girl (real name Amiugly)are sisters} 


Lavender is a blue stick figure who looks exactly like her male counterpart, only she has short hair and eyelashes and a shirt and boobs. Her voice sounds exactly like Pink's as she is voiced by the same voice actor. She's usually the responsible one and gets annoyed by Scarlet's actions. Unlike Blue, her personality is more like Pink's. She really enjoys spending her time with Salmon, but often tries to make sure Scarlet doesn't ruin it.


  • Lindsey Ames as Scarlet
  • Shea Logsdon as Lavender
  • Mike Nassar as Additional Voices


Unlike Dick Figures, Chick Figures received mixed thoughts from fans. Many described it as the same show, only with not much difference other than the main protagonists being female versions of Red and Blue. Other fans however, still enjoyed the show.


  • As many have pointed out, the episodes were most likely released out of order (due to Mondo Media wanting to release "Mighty Neckbeard" in time for Comic Con). Chronologically, the episodes would have been released in this order: "Dreamjob Nightmare", "Mighty Neckbeard", "Goople", "Nerve Gas".


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