Demon Ninjas
DFTM Ninjas






Lord Takagami (master)


Red, Blue, and anyone who try to use The Great Sword of Destiny.

Times Dead

Unknown (Debatable)

Voiced by

David Hailey & Brandon Haines.

This article is about Lord Takagami's demon Ninjas. You may have been looking for Golden Lotus Ninja.

The Demon Ninjas are a group of ninjas that serve Lord Takagami in Dick Figures: The Movie. Along with their master, they first served as an army in Japan and now, they protect The Great Sword of Destiny from anyone who plan to use it. Two one-off ninjas are voiced by Kickstarter backers, David Hailey and Brandon Haines while the rest of the Ninjas remain silent.


Dick Figures: The Movie

The only appearance of these Ninjas. They are first shown as an army of Lord Takagami, when the war in Japan happened, but they are all killed by The Raccoon. After their master's death, they then reappear trying to hunt down Red & Blue to stop them from finding the Great Sword of Destiny after they got the first piece, which was the handle of the weapon.

Some of them are first killed by Red and then by a giant explosion cause by dynamites. Afterwards, a large group of them reappear wearing jetpacks, trying to stop the airplane of Captain Crookygrin, but they are all killed by Blue and his 50-caliber machine gun. One of the ninjas however accidentally heads straight to a "cumulonimbus" cloud and literally crashes into it.

The ninjas are last shown at the end of the movie, where they are all beaten by Red & Blue inside a volcano, near Red & Blue's hometown in America.


  • Demon Ninjas can't swim.
  • Demon Ninjas have blue blood.
  • Originally, the ninjas were meant to actually do crazy voices (by David Haley & Brendan Haines) during their appearances. But that idea was somehow dropped, however.


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