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Dick Figures Season 1 is the first web season of Dick Figures. It first started on November 18, 2010, and finished on March 24, 2011. It is currently the most viewed season on YouTube. The season became available as a purchase item on Yekra and Google Play on March 28, 2014, which contains all 10 episodes and a new animated intro.

Season Summary

In Season 1, meet Red and Blue as we watch what kinds of trouble they get into with their bad ideas involving causing crimes, getting drunk, and having sex with multiple different people. See an episode where Red gets an auto tuned voice which he uses to attract girls, and episode where Red fights his way to getting the last copy of a new video game while Blue gets a girlfriend. Later, see an episode with Blue and his girlfriend's first date which only gets ruined by Red and his new girlfriend's first date. Also see an episode where Red finds a kitten in the trash can which has the power to kill everybody who looks him directly in the eye. All these episodes and more in Dick Figures Season 1.


Episode Number Episode Name
1 A Bee or Something
2 Panda Hat
3 Flame War
4 Traffic Jams
5 Steakosaurus
7 Trouble Date
8 Kitty Amazing
9 Role Playas
Season Finale Attack of the Pwns

All Episodes

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