GTA: Pacific Grim
Season 5, Episode 1
Dick Figures - GTA Pacific Grim

Dick Figures - GTA Pacific Grim

Air date August 27, 2013
Episode run time 2:41
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GTA: Pacific Grim is the 1st episode of Season 5 and the 41th episode overall.


Red and Blue play the new videogame, GTA: Pacific Grim, but don't realize they're actually controlling a giant mech that's terrorizing their town!



(The episode starts with Red inside a Mall, looking up, with a surprised expression. Blue comes from the right side with a Fro-yo & a Snow-co.)

Blue: Dude! This mall is tight! It's got everything- Fro-yo, Snow-co, No-bros...

(Shows Broseph who appears to be inside the mall.)

Broseph: (Looks behind) Hmm?

Red: Duuude! They even got the NEW GTA! (Red runs left)

Blue: Oh, sick. Hey, that game has everything! (Follows Red while dropping his Fro-yo & Snow-co.) Even Fro-yo!

(Shows a video game arcade cabinet, called "GTA: Pacific Grim", with 2 controllers. The game screen shows a giant robot beating up a giant monster.)

Blue: Oh, it's co-op. (Both Red & Blue grab a controller) We gotta work together to pilot the fucking... (looks down) Mech!

(The word WELCOME is seen on the game screen with flames on the background.)

Game: Welcome to GTA: Pacific Grim. You must work together (Shows 2 brains merging into 1 green brain) to pilot in the fucking Mech. (Shows the robot)

(2 bowl-shaped machines appears on top of them, slowly going towards their head.)

Red: (gasps) My head's got a condom.

Blue: I hate this already.

Game: Mission 1, Rac City, BIIITCH!

(The game screen shows the giant robot getting activated, while screams are heard from the city.)

Blue: Woah! This is cool!

Red: Uuugh, these graphics suck.

(The robot is now shown from a closer viewpoint with epic music in the background. Meanwhile, people are screaming on the streets & it shows a group of persons, including a woman with a baby, looking up with shocked expressions.)

Game: Kaiju approaching!

(It returns to the game screen, where it shows a giant raccoon going towards the robot. Suddenly, the epic music comes back and it now shows The Raccoon walking in the city.)

Raccoon: Konnichiwa!

Blue: Ok! Come on, dude. We got to work together.

Red: Way ahead of you.

(The robot starts getting his right leg up, but then immediately falls & crashes.)

Blue: What the hell was that?!

Red: I was trying to kick him in the nuts!

Game: (Beeping noise) Out of Sync. Connecting Brains.

Blue: What? No! I don't wanna know (Closes up to Red's head) WHAT'S IN THERE!!

(The screen enters Reds mind, being completely white, with the sound of cold wind heard in the background. The Auto-Tuned Bee then appears flying.)

Auto-Tuned Bee: I'm all aloooone...

(The screen goes back to Red & Blue, with Red having a shocked expression on his face & the screen now goes inside Blue's mind. It shows a very snowy place with an igloo on the left, a flag in the middle & a penguin on the right standing beside a sign pointing towards the igloo saying "Library".)

Red (Off-screen): Oh my god, it's so cold. (The penguin starts going left) Are you still eating Fro-yo?

Blue (Off-screen): Yeah, I got a brain freeze!

Red (Off-screen): Let go of that Fro-yo, bro!

(zooms out to Red & Blue again)

Blue: (sighs) I'll do it! FOR MY FAMILY! (crushes his Fro-yo)

(shows Mr. Dingleberry sitting in the giant robot's hand)

Mr. Dingleberry: It's not everyday you get to sit in a hand.

(The robot's hand squishes Mr. Dingleberry, killing him)

Game: (beeping noise) Brains synchronized. Smart move, idiots.

(Robot gets up & starts stomping back & forth, destroying the city)

Raccoon: Oh! You want to dance battrre? Very well... (Starts dancing & destroying the city)

Blue: I don't think we're sychronized.

(Raccoon & the robot continue to dance and destroy the city)

Lord Tourettes: Oh. What a beautiful ballette recital. (giggles before getting stomped by the foot) SHIT!

(The Raccoon & the robot are still dancing & destroying the city as it burns)


Red: I'm just button mashing!

Raccoon: I... I can't keep up. Your moves are... are to fry. FOR A WHITE GUY! (blows up) ARGH!

Red: WHOO!

Blue: We did it!

(Game bleeps)

Red: Not yet,we didn't!

Game: 99% destruction. 1 building remaining. (shows the mall on screen)

Blue: Wait... the mall?! (Looks upward)

(The robot lifts it's foot over the mall)

Red: Game over man! Game over!

Blue: Wait, don't do that!

(The robot stomps on the mall killing Red & Blue before falling to the ground)

Recurring Gags

Episode Ending

normal letter I's, the Dick Figures logo shakes, and the Episode Ending is dextended. Then a promo for Dick Figures: The Movie

Red Floating


Auto-tuned Usage

The Auto-Tuned Bee speaking in Red's brain

Last-Line being Cut



  • This is the first Dick Figures episode of 2013.
  • The line Red spoke in this he said "RAC CITY!! BITCH!!" is a possible reference line to the Tyga - Rack City song.
    • Or Raccoon City from Resident Evil.
  • This is the first time Lord Tourettes dies since Season 2.
  • The phrase "too fly for a white guy" Originated from the song "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" By The Offspring.
  • This episode is a clear reference to the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game series and the movie Pacific Rim.
  • First appearance of a baby.
  • The new animated animal was a penguin.
  • Red and Blue both die in this episode.
  • This is the first time The Raccoon dies since the T-Shirt teaser.
  • This is the 5th time Mr. Dingleberry dies.
  • Everyone dies in this episode(unless you hope some peoples survives when RAC CITY destroyed.).
  • The giant robot has the same face of the Robot Frog.
  • Some fans say Lord Tourettes still alive in this episode(Since he still say"SHIT!" after he is crushed by Robot.),but he is prove death.
  • A HTF episode who called "Cubtron Z" also similar this episode.
  • Red's quote, "Game Over Man, Game Over!" may be reference to the famous american movie Aliens.
  • This is the only time that Raccoon has ever grown in size.


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