This article is about the Golden Lotus Ninjas, you may have been looking for the Demon Ninjas

Golden Lotus Dragon Ninjas
Golden Lotus Dragon Ninja
Halt! Who dare approach The Golden Lotus Dragon?




Mostly Dead


Shi Ba (master)


Blue, Pink, Red, and anyone who is not a Kung Fu Winner.

Times dead

Unknown (debatable)

Voiced by

Eric Bauza

One of many henchmen of Shi Ba, they protect the Chow Mein, until a kung-fu winner appears. There is no hint to their names or if there is a head henchman of the group. They may very well be clones or specially chosen minions to sound and look the same, much like Earl Grey's Butlers.


Kung Fu Winners

The only episode where they appear, where they stop Blue from having any Chow Mein and kidnap Pink, but then Red appears and kills them all, including their leader.

Dick Figures: The Movie

Apart from the Demon Ninjas that appeared, the Golden Lotus Ninjas, along with their master, made a cameo in Son-San's Sushi Restaurant when Red and Blue enter the restaurant.


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