Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Friends None
Times Dead None
Voiced By Mike Nassar

Hoseph is the genderbent version of Broseph. She made her first and only appearance in the episode Chick Figures.


Hoseph looks is a purplish grayish stick figure exactly like her male counterpart, only she has longer hair that she wears down and goes past her neck. She also wears a bow in her hair. She also has eyelashes, a skirt, and boobs. Her voice sounds like a more high pitched version of Broseph's, given that they are both voiced by the same voice actor.


Hoseph is exactly what her name would imply. She is a ho. However, nobody wants to have sex with her because she is a douchebag. She tries to make guys like her by showing off her tits, but they still reject and deny her. She is pretty insecure and desperate for a man to love her.


  • Originally her name was to be Braseph, but Zack Keller reconsidered and renamed her Hoseph.
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