Jacey (aka, Trollz0ra)
"This party fails like, critically!
Vital statistics
Title Debut: Chick Figures
Gender Female
Status Alive
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Aliases Trollz0ra
Times Dead 0
Voiced By Zack Keller

Jacey (also known as Trollz0ra) is the genderbent version of Jason (Trollz0r). Not much is known about her, but she appears at Salmon's birthday party in Chick Figures, and she can be seen talking to Mrs. Dingleberry.


Trollz0ra is a black female stick figure, similar to her male counterpart. Her appearance is very similar to Jason's Mother, as she also has the same hairstyle. Her voice sounds exactly like Trollz0r, since they are both voiced by the same actor.


  • Unlike Trollz0r, Trollz0ra has no fingers.
  • People may mistake her for Jason's Mother, but appears to be incorrect since Jacey has a different voice, and her personality is the same as Jason's.
  • She doesn't change her face (at the moment).
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