Jacques Bond
Jacques Bond
"My fellow agents Crimson Tide and Blue Whale will surely stop yeu!"




Dead (debatable)


Red, Blue, and possibly the other secret agents


Gerald Butler

Times Dead

1 (debatable)


Pleasure Cruise

Jacques Bond is the head agent on the search of Earl Grey's last surviving minion Gerald Butler in Pleasure Cruise. Despite all the help he has he needs the assistance of who he possibly mistook Blue and Red as world top agents Blue Whale and Crimson Tide. They manage to take down Gerald Butler, but were unable to stop the bomb from detinating. Jacques Bond is never heard of again after the episode as a belief that he died by the explosion or the sinking ship, but there might be a chance that he survived just as Red and Blue did.

He appears briefly in Dick Figures: The Movie, where he is one of the Gendarmerie members.


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