Kitty Amazing
Vital statistics
Title Kitty Amazing
Gender Female
Status Dead
Friends Red
Enemies Everyone (But Red)
Times Dead 1
Voiced By David Menkin

The Cat, or Kitty Amazing, as called by Red, is a cat found by Red in a dumpster. It is a cat so cute it causes harm to whoever hears it meow or sees it. Whether this is intentional, or just an ill side effect is unknown.

Red doesn't seem to be affected by the Cat & is able to survive it. Blue was able to survive because he couldn't see it at the time. The only time Red purposely killed someone using Kitty Amazing is when Chad Quandt came to the apartment because he heard the sound of "death & secrets".

Kitty Amazing also appears in the episode Sex Marks The Spot where she was hidden behind the fridge, however she still is petrified,and broken. She was then used to get the porn out from the hidden area in their house. Whether she was crushed and destroyed by the Ugly Fat Girl (as the boulder), who came down from the ceiling is unknown.

She could possibly be a reference to the film Its Alive. In Its Alive, when the baby gets scared, it kills anything it contacts. The same could be said for Kitty Amazing. She also appeared in the Bath Rhymes Music Video in a limmo she is seen inbetween the Raccoon and Lord Tourettes, but this time Kitty Amazing isn't stoned, but she is later in the music video.


  • It made it's first appearance in the preview video of Dick Figures.
  • It was so cute, it literally had the ability to melt anyone's heart besides Red. Either the 1 who holds Kitty Amazing won't be affected by the curse or Red isn't able to die
    • Blue didn't get affected because he couldn't see (he had eye surgery).
  • It was placed back together after being dropped by Blue.
  • It is the 3rd realistic animal (not animated but "photoshopped") to appear in the series.


The Cat has the appearance of a typical Persian, with a scrunchy face.
Kitty Amazing 32

Death of Kitty Amazing

Characters Killed by Kitty Amazing

  • Purple woman
  • Green man
  • Orange woman
  • Group of tourists (12 people in total)
  • A parade (unknown how many people were there)
  • Mr. Dingleberry
  • Chad Quandt


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