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Kitty Amazing
Season 1, Episode 8
Kitty Amazing 15.jpg
Kitty Amazing literally melts people's hearts.
Air date Februrary 24, 2011
Episode run time 2:46
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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for The Cat (Kitty Amazing Character).


Red finds a cat that quite literally melts the heart of anyone who sees it's cuteness.

Youtube Description: Red and Blue are witness to the horrors of 'Apocalypse Meow.'


Dick Figures - Kitty Amazing






(Red is taking the trash out. He opens the dumpster.)

Cat: *Meow*

Red: Hey, cat, that's my trash! Get out of there!

Cat: *Meow*

(Red picks up the cat)

Red: Hoho what? Look at your cute cat face! You are soooooooft! What is your name? I don't even know! I'mma call you Kitty Amazing 'cause that's what you look like!

(Time lapse. Red is in the apartment showing Kitty Amazing to Blue, who is wearing shades.)

Blue: We are not keeping that cat.

Red: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Blue: I can't even see what you're doing, you know I had eye surgery.

Red: Oh, man, I feel sorry for you because this cat is sooo cute! (The background turns dark and Red's eyes are completely white.) (Demonic voice): FEEL HOW CUTE SHE IS!!

(The background and Red's eyes turn back to normal. Blue touches Kitty Amazing.)

Blue: Ohhh, oh, yeah, it does feel soft... And strangely cold...

Red: Let's take this cat for a test drive!

Blue: What does that mean?

Red: It means chicas love gatos! (Marches out, carrying the cat.) Gatos! Gatos! Gatos! Gatos!

Blue: Red? Wait up! Marco! Marco?

(Red is now outdoors with the cat.)

Red: ¡Azul, mira! Dos chicas jalapeños.

(A lavender woman walks up to Red.)

Woman: Oh, my God, that is a cute cat! Ohh, my heart is melting...

Kitty Amazing: *Meow*


(The woman dies.)

Red: Oh, shit!

(Sirens are heard, probably from an ambulance.)

Blue: Red? What happened? I hear sirens!

Red: You hear nothing!

Green man: Hey, is she okay?

Kitty Amazing: *Meow*

(Man dies.)

Orange woman: Hey, is he okay?

Kitty Amazing: *Meow*

(Woman dies. Red screams and runs)

Blue: Wait. We're running towards the sirens? (Follows Red's voice.)

Tour man: And if you look to your left you will see....

Kitty Amazing: *Meow*

(The tour man and his group dies.)

Red: Oh, no, there's a parade! (He screams. Miscellaneous sounds are heard. Red and Blue run to their apartment building. An old man then appears)

Mr. Dingleberry: What have I told you about pets in the apartment?

Kitty Amazing: *Meow*

Red: Mr. Dingleberry, look away!

(Mr. Dingleberry falls off the stairs and dies.)

Blue: Huh? What's going on? Mr. Dingleberry?

Red: Oh, haha, he just tossed a sack of potatoes down the steps! Those Irish love their potatoes.

(A knocking sound is heard.)

Chad Quandt: I just heard the sound of death and secrets in here. Is everything all right?

(Red shows off Kitty Amazing in front of Chad.)

Kitty Amazing: *Meow*

(Chad Quandt shrieks and dies. Somber music plays in the background as Red and Kitty Amazing look at each other)

Red: You're too cute... too cute for this world. I have to destroy you! (Closes his eyes in despair.) Goodbye, Kitty Amazing... (He kisses Kitty Amazing and puts it in front of a mirror.)

Kitty Amazing: *Meow* (It turns to stone.)

(Time lapse. Red and Blue play catch using the petrified Kitty Amazing.)

Red: Go wide, asshole! (Throws Kitty Amazing to Blue.)

Blue: (Now without the shades, having recovered) Yeah, yeah, I'm going-- Wait, what?

(Kitty Amazing breaks.)

Blue: Ah, shi-

-Episode ends-

Dick Figures Title

Kitty Amazing

  • The jalapeños are from when red was speaking in spanish to the first girl he came in contact to.


  • This is Kitty Amazing's second appearance. The first was in the Cat Teaser Trailer.
  • "¡Azul, mira! Dos chicas jalapeños." probably meant "Blue, look! Two hot girls." except he used "jalapeños" instead of "caliente".
  • While Red and Blue run towards the apartment, graffiti can be seen, which reads "NATURE'S NINJA -R.
  • This is the first episode to have its music composed by Happy Tree Friends' Jerome Rossen.
  • This is one of the favorite episodes of the creator of Dick Figures, Ed and Zack, confirmed in the Dirty Shorts interview with them.
  • This episode made it's TV premiere with the twelfth episode of Like, Share, Die.

Changes Made in the Like, Share, Die version

  • The Dick Figures title was shown in the beginning. At the end of the episode, the credits of Like, Share, Die play instead.
  • The Dick Figures title shown in the beginning is not the jalapeno title from this episode, but the Longcat title from Y U So Meme?.
  • Kitty Amazing uses a different model due to copyright reasons.
  • Red's demonic voice is instead his normal voice.
  • The music was changed for the Kitty Amazing kill montage.
  • The death of the parade was cut out.
  • Blue's cut-off line, "Ah, shit.", was not cut off.


Recurring Gags

Auto-Tune Use


Red Floating

  • When Red takes Kitty Amazing out of the trash, he floats when he says, "What is your name?"
  • After the lavender woman dies, he jumps and floats for one second.

Episode Ending

The word DICK FIGURES appears with the "I"s replaced with jalapenos.

The Last Line Being Cut

Blue was about to say shit but was cut off .