Lavender - Chick Figures

Vital statistics
Title Debut: Chick Figures
Gender Female
Status Alive
Friends Scarlet (best friend and roommate), Salmon (ex-boyfriend), Rusty(boyfriend), Blue (father), Pink (mother), Indigo (Brother), Cobalt (Brother)
Enemies Scarlet (sometimes)
Times Dead 0
Voiced By Shea Logsdon

Lavender is the female version of Blue and one of the two main protagonists of Chick Figures. In the episode "Chick Figures," Blue was a depressed girl named Lavender who wanted to make love to her boyfriend Salmon at his birthday party. She is best friends with Scarlet but she can find her very annoying, and hard to get by. It seems she is also friends Lord Tourettes since he greeted her at the party she went to. She is voiced by Shea Logsdon, who also voices Pink.


Lavender is a blue stick figure who looks exactly like her male counterpart, only she has short hair and eyelashes and a shirt and boobs. Her voice sounds exactly like Pink's as she is voiced by the same voice actor.


Lavender is a blue, depressed girl. She's usually the responsible one and gets annoyed by Scarlet's actions. Unlike Blue, her personality is more like Pink's. She really enjoys spending her time with Salmon, but often tries to make sure Scarlet doesn't ruin it.

Episode Appearances


  • Although her name is "Lavender", she is not the color lavender. She is blue.
    • It's possible that the reason her name was lavender, was so that the joke Scarlet made in Chick Figures would make sense where she said "Hey, Lavender, they should call you scavenger. Because you can eat my shit!"
  • It's rumored that Lavender is Blue's daughter in her adult years.
    • This was later confirmed by Zack Keller in a blog post.
    • However, this is still debatable, as both Blue and Red can be seen at the ending of Mighty Neckbeard in their normal form and Blue was seen cheering in sexual perversion when Lavender showed everyone her tits. Though it was most likely a visual gag, as Zack Keller also confirmed that Lavender was Blue's daughter on his website.
  • In Chick Figures (episode), she has Blue's color, but in Chick Figures (series), her color is darker than Blue's.
  • Simillar to Blue, she gets nervous when speaking to other men.
  • She works at a Comic book store.


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