These are the notable quotes for Lord Tourettes.

Season 1

Role Playas

"Weary travelers Red and Blue, Shall I sing a FUCK for you?"

"Too late, for I've just begun. A tweedle COCK and a tweedle BALLS! Pony sparkles, bubblegum, glitter fairies in my BUTT NAZI ASS THUNDER PUBIC HAIR CHODE DOUCHE IN MY MOUTH!"

Season 2

Zombies & Shotguns

"I'm so FUCKED!"

Butt Genie

"Well hello COCK SUCKERS! Quite a fine day for FUCKING isn't it?"

"Spelindid! I wish for... a pink, sparkly DONKEY SHIT IN MY FACE!"

"Oh no."

Lord Tourette's Syndrome

"I think I lost my HAT!"

"I'm really fu-fu SO SAD without it."

"Oh wow. Your painting is GORGEOUS!"

"Your mother must be SO PROUD of you."

Season 3

Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

"Oh why this shade looks perfectly GAY on me."

"Oh. Fan-FUCKING-tastic, you two! You're heroes!"

Real Dudes Bros Night Man

"One gay day in spring, I was just FUCKING around in a feild full of flowers and colorful COCK SUCKING butterflies. I decided to make a boquet so I picked one hundred daisies. It was so GOD DAMN hard but I did it and then I gave them to a fluffy wuffy bear and then I FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF IT (Gasp) WHILE I FEASTED ON ITS FLAILING BONES AND FLESH!!!"

"Yippie kai ay, MOTHERFUCKER, I win!"

"Yeah baby! Back that ass up!"


"Awww and who the FUCK are you little kitty?"

"Oh lovely, and this ASSHOLE makes a great zombie."

Season 4

Pussy Magnet

"You know, all you really need is a big DICK!"

First Day of Cool

"Ha ha! Who the FUCK cares?"

"First day of class?"

"Splendid! It's my first day too. You know, there is a young JERKFACE who says he wants to beat your BUTT until you die."

"Look! It's an ASS-teroid!"

15 Freshman.

"Yeah, pass me that joint MOTHERFUCKER, LT's getting high as BALLS!


(in a very jolly tone) "Leave it to meeee!!"

"Why helloooo, BUTTFUCKERS!"

"Follow me to the COCK!!! of Paris!"

"Au revouir, MOTHERFUCKERS!"

Season 5

GTA: Pacific Grim

"What a, beautiful ballet recital!"


Chick Figures (episode)

"Why hello Laven-DICK!, welcome to HELL!

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