War zone, zombie outbreak, lost hat

Maulmart's where the episodes Flame War & Zombies & Shotguns is set, not much is known about this place. Inside the store itself, it's very big.

As seen in the episode Flame War, Maulmart's shown to be a war-like zone where shoppers like Red & Blue battle over items they come across.

But in Zombies & Shotguns, Maulmart appears to be more of a mall than a single store. But now the mall's flooded with zombies & appears to be overwhelmed.

It also has a Mall Santa even though it is the middle of summer, as seen in Lord Tourette's Syndrome.



  • License to Drill
  • Cinnamunch (Cinammon Swirls)
  • Cinema
  • Coffee Store
  • Possibly a food store
  • Food Court (Bakery or food store.)
  • Chinese Food
  • Guns 'N' Shit


  • Maulmart's where Pink works & where she met Blue.
  • The name "Maulmart" is an obvious parodic of the supercenter Wal-Mart. The "Maul" part in the store's name might be a reference to the word "maul", which is a tool with a heavy head & a handle, used for tasks such as ramming, crushing, and driving wedges.
  • This place marks the 1st appearance of Pink, Mr. Dingleberry, and Broseph. It was also Jake & the Mall Santa's 1st & only appearances.
  • Red & Blue were seen flying a Roflcopter above the store.
  • The "License to Drill" store is based on James Bond's "License to Kill".
  • "License to Drill" store apparently sell Buzzsaws, Hacksaws, Chainsaws & even Jigsaws. The Jigsaws are probably a reference to Jigsaw, who is the killer in the horror movie, "Saw".
  • Broseph may be the manager of "License to Drill".
  • At the Cinema, 1 of the characters of the contest was shown on the movie poster Total Karnage.
  • In Dick Figures T-shirts Must Be Destroyed, Stacy is seen in Maulmart holding a Dick Figures T-shirt, calling them shoes. After she's done talking about it, Maulmart explodes.
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