The Mighty Neckbeard is a character who appeared in the episode Mighty Neckbeard. He is an angry nerd who went to the Comic-Con invention and attacked everyone there with hatred.


The Mighty Neckbeard is a big overweight nerdy guy with a furry scrawny beard that grows on his neck. He wears a fedora and a Hawaiian shirt with flowers on it. His head is very plump and he has thick eyebrows and a stubble mustache. He speaks in a very high-pitched nerdy voice.


The Mighty Neckbeard is very self-conscious about himself and he copes with it the wrong way by taking his anger out on everyone else by bullying and insulting them and even attacking them with his hatred to feel superior and secure with himself. He is also very fat and lazy and he refers to exercise as "his worst enemy" and was even shown to die from too much of it.

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