Pump Shotgun
A Pump Shotgun in Zombies & Shotguns

Used by

Red and Blue

The Pump Shotgun is a powerful weapon used by Red, Blue, police men (cops) and cow-boys. It is also Red's signature weapon, since he uses it almost everytime.


Flame War: The shotgun is used by Red, when going on his killing spree shortly before reaching the game he wanted.

Zombies & Shotguns: The shotgun is again feature in this episode, only this time is much more detailed. Red wants the shotgun to use it to open his bag of chips. When Red and Blue reach the License To Drill store (in the Maulmart), Blue takes the shotgun and uses it for the rest of the video.

We're Cops!: The shotgun makes a brief appearance. It is seen being held by several cops after Red and Blue come out of the bank.

Terminate-Her!: The shotgun makes it's most recent appearance in this video and has the look of the shotgun in Flame War. It only appears at the beginning when Red pulls it out of nowhere and shoots at a boy on a tricycle with it.

Modern Flame War 3: It is used by Red, when he goes to Cybertime Systems, alongside with Blue and Jason, in order to restore the internet. He kills a lot of technicians with the pump shotgun.

Chug-A-Chug-A-Brew-Brew: It is used by a cow-boy inside the bar and another cow-boy on the train, trying to stop Red and Blue from getting the booze.



  • The second pump shotgun has a more detailed look, and is possibly a Benelli M2.
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