These are the notable quotes for Red.

Cuz' I'm aweso-

A Bee or Something

Sup Bitch
Your mom is makin' out with a lamp post, yeah!

Panda Hat

¡Azul, mira! Dos chicas jalapeños.

Kitty Amazing (Episode)

DF meme071


Estas burrito's, estas por el diablo!

The Red Devil

Piep piep poop, we're fucked

Losing Streakers

Red the name's red, I'm free Motherfucker!

Fang Angels

Woow! Now that's a fire!

Camp Anarchy

Oh 13 flies in a deadman's ballsack, 14 holes in a seagulls kayak, 15 spots on the mask of rorschach, early in the morning

Captain Red Rum & The Pina Colada Armada

Hogwash! (barfs) That's just how I sneeze

Captain Red Rum & The Pina Colada Armada

Break-time's over

Modern Flame War 3

I only wanted 2 achievements

Modern Flame War 3

All this manlyness is makin' me thirsty, better drink my own piss

Modern Flame War 3

Gluteus Maximus!


What a ZEUSBAG!!!


Go ahead Zeus, make my day-iety.


Eat my bullito's!


Imma get me some sasperilla, like a sick shootin' cowbo!


Alcohol for breakfeast!


Hot damn we hit the motherload, Bandito's!


If you're happy and you know it? Suck my dick!


I just pooped in your pants!

Brain Switch

I think I'm turnin' japanese, I think I'm turnin' japanese, I really think so

Brain Switch

Motherfuckin' goddamned shithead, bitch!

Hardcore Chore


Das Vidiamond

Protect and serve, motherfu-

We're Cops!

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