Rover Robot
The Rover Robot is a character that appeared in the episode The Red Planet.


The Rover Robot is a box shaped mars rover with a stick neck that holds up his box shaped head which has a red circular light on it (which can fire killer lasers) as well as some sunglasses. It has six robotic stick legs that have circular feet on the bottoms. It also has a keypad with five white keys and one green key on it with the word "CASA" printed under it and white and blue buttons on it's side.


The Rover is very much like a party-loving rebel teenager. He views Red as his "bro" and is very friendly and offering to him. But he constantly mocks and bullies Blue. Describing him as a "huge pussy" and deploying his 'communications array" (flipping him 'the bird'). His bullying of Blue seems to be reminiscent of his bullying of anyone he views as nerdy, like Steve (who he stole his sunglasses from, and later murdered).


  • My future is so bright, I am scientifically obligated to wear shades. Also, I stole them from a human nerd, (points to Blue) like this guy.
  • Oh yeah. Hang on, bitch!
  • I am detecting a huge pussy.
  • Damn skippy!
  • Affirmative, let me deploy my communications array.
  • Here, have a cold wine.
  • Fuck you Steeeeeeeve!


  • The Rover Robot has the word "CASA" printed on it's side which is a parody on "NASA" which is a space launching station.
    • Casa is also Spanish for "House."
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