Sarah Connors
Sarah Connors
"Hey! Are you... Captain Jean-Luc Picard?"
Vital statistics
Gender Female (debatable)
Status Dead (debatable)
Friends Possibly none
Enemies Blue (possibly) and Pink
Aliases Chad Cop (resurrection form)
Times Dead 1
Voiced By Arlyne Ramirez

Sarah Connors is a super-human character featured only in Terminate-Her!. Her attitude references Alice from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen as she would transform into Chad Cop to murder Blue in front of everyone in the party, but her evil murderous plan is stopped by Red as he throws Sarah out the window after being convinced by Pink, much to Blue's dismay. In the end, she morphs into Chad Cop. She is one of the only people to have 2 references in the same episode of Dick Figures.

There is still a debate on the true role of Sarah Connors, her origins, and main goal.


  • Her only appearance is in Terminate-Her!.
  • Her dead body (after being tossed out a window by Red) morphs into Chad Cop.
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