Shi Ba
Shi Ba
Shi Ba as the owner of the Golden Lotus Dragon.






Possibly the other secret agents and his Golden Lotus Ninjas.


Red, Blue, and Pink

Times Dead


Voiced by

Zack Keller

"Ba. Shi Ba."

–Shi Ba, Pleasure Cruise

Shi Ba is a Chinese man seen in Pleasure Cruise and Kung Fu Winners. In Pleasure Cruise, he is seen as Chinese Secret Agent who possibly dies from falling off the H.M.S. Tragedy and hitting one of the ship's propellers. In Kung Fu Winners, he is the leader of the Golden Lotus Dragon and takes part in a 'boss fight' with Red who throws a ball of energy at him, thus killing him and making Red the Kung Fu Winner.


  • Shi Ba is one of the five secret agents in the world.
  • Shi Ba may have died as a result of falling off the HMS Tragedy into a propeller blade.
  • Shi Ba is shown to be an expert at Kung Fu.
  • Shi Ba owns the Golden Lotus Dragon.
  • His mustache is capable of reaching several meters.
  • He has employee ninjas who take out all 'insolent dogs' who try to enter the Golden Lotus Dragon to eat chow mien.
  • He is the main antagonist of the last episode of Season 3.
  • Where is the owner of the Golden Lotus Dragon, his mustache is much shorter than in Pleasure Cruise.
  • Shi Ba speaks with a heavy Chinese accent as seen in both Pleasure Cruise and Kung Fu Winners.
  • Kung Fu Winners is the only episode where Shi Ba is a main character so far.
  • Shi Ba and his Ninjas are seen as cameos at Son-san's resteraunt in Dick Figures: The Movie.
  • His name might be a play on Shiba Inu, a breed of dog.
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