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Eat it!

You kiss your mouth with that mother?!

–Stacy, Trouble Date

This page is for the character Stacy, were you looking for her gender bent version?

Stacy is Red's girlfriend. She is promiscuous and uncivilized (like a female version of Red), according to Blue (her ex-boyfriend) and Pink.


Stacy is a slutty party girl who is a complete idiot. She is Red's girlfriend and Pink's best friend. Her appearances so far on the show were in the episodes Trouble Date, Modern Flame War 3, A Hobbit of Thrones, First Day of Cool as a kid, Chick Figures, as Burgundy, and Robot Frog. She was also mentioned, but not seen in the episodes A Bee or Something, Fang Angels, and Ocho Muerte. Outside of Dick Figures episodes, she also appeared in Dick Figures: The Movie and the Dick Figures T-shirt commercial.

In the episode "First Day of Cool" Stacy was shown to be in kindergarten. This was when she first met Pink and became best friends with her. She was also seen eating a Pixy Stix. Pink told her that if she ate those, she would grow up to be a whore which the former was in fact right about. Stacy also told Red that he was sexy after seeing him beat up all the fifth-graders, which was the first time Stacy ever interacted with him. However, they both might have forgotten about this overtime.

As revealed in the episode "Robot Frog," Stacy used to be a mentally sane and intelligent woman who never did anything stupid or crazy. She was also Blue's girlfriend for two years. This was all until the events of the episode when she came to Blue's apartment and broke up with him because she wanted to go crazy and he was holding her back. This is what turned Stacy into the slut that she's always been throughout the entire series. As seen in the episode "A Bee or Something," Blue seemed to have become really depressed over his break up with Stacy and he tried talking to Red about it, but he kept ignoring him.

Shortly after then, Blue runs into Pink and made her his new girlfriend. After an even shorter period of time after that, Stacy and Red met each other and started dating. Red and Stacy came into the restaurant that Blue and Pink were having a date and ruined their time. This was very annoying and awkward for Blue because Stacy was his ex-girlfriend coming to his date with his current girlfriend. He was first seen screaming out "Shit!" when he saw them coming and when Red called to him, he said "Oh, no." The events of this were seen in the episode "Trouble Date."

Red and Stacy must have departed for a period of time after that and during that time, Stacy got a new haircut and started working at the main internet database. Red broke into it and threatened to kill her unless he gave him complete control over the internet. Stacy however, revealed herself to him and they both started dating again, starting with them having sex that was so destructive that it caused a nuclear explosion, which destroyed everything around them with the pure beauty of sex. The events of this were seen in the episode "Modern Flame War 3."

Chronologically, Stacy's first appearance in the series was in the episode "Trouble Date" where she and Red both came in and ruined Blue and Pink's date by doing sexual stuff with the couple's food and decor.

Stacy returned in the episode "Modern Flame War 3". In this episode, she was seen working at the main internet database. She was seen with a different hairstyle and she seemed to have matured a lot since her debut in "Trouble Date." Red threatened to kill her if she didn't give him the last one percent of the internet's power to look at porn of the world's most perfect boobs. This was all until he found out that she was his girlfriend. Stacy told him that she is the girl with the world's most perfect boobs and that Red doesn't need to look at her picture on the internet when he can have sex with her in real life. So Stacy and Red had the world's most perfect sex which caused a nuclear sex explosion to happen, destroying everything and likely killing them both.

Stacy appeared again in the episode "First Day of Cool" when it showed what her life was like as a little kid. Stacy probably went to kindergarten mainly because she hoped to meet some boys there. This is where Stacy and Pink first met and became best friends. Stacy ate a Pixy Stix in this episode, which is possibly why she grew up to be a whore. This is also the time when Stacy first met Red and thought that he was sexy.

Stacy appeared again in the episode "A Hobbit of Thrones." In this episode, she and Pink joined Red and Blue when they played The Hobbit. Stacy fed Pink pot brownies and they both got high when they played the game. They started imagining things like a giant cheeseburger covered in candy and hair called a "treesburger" because it came out of a tree. Broseph came out of a bush and had sex with Stacy which made Red jealous so he attempted to kill him with a sword until they all teleported to the mountains where they were attacked by a giant Raccoon Dragon. Stacy saved them by turning him into a Jason Cloud. After this, Pink made the Jason Cloud explode into a bunch of pizzas and they all had a pizza party and had fun dancing with each other while they ate pizza, had sex, and got high off of pot brownies.

Stacy made a minor appearance in the episode "Happy Birthdump." When Red and Blue got home, she was at a surprise birthday party for Blue with Pink, Lord Tourettes, and Broseph.

A gender-bent version of Stacy named Burgundy appeared in the episode "Chick Figures." In this episode, Scarlet went to Salmon's birthday party because she wanted to have sex with Burgundy. Burgundy appeared at the dance. He was a purple stick figure with curly, wavy hair and a voice that sounded identical to Red's. He and Scarlet had sex, which ruined the party for Salmon and Lavender.

Stacy appeared in the episode "Robot Frog" where it was revealed that she used to be a mentally sane woman who had never gotten drunk before. During this time, she was Blue's girlfriend. She was sick of her tame lifestyle so she decided to break up with Blue, get drunk on vodka, and turn to promiscuity.

Stacy appears again in Dick Figures: The Movie. Stacy is first seen in the movie back in kindergarten as a little kid doing a repeat of the events of the episode "First Day of Cool". She is seen again later when Pink comes by to visit her apartment asking where Red is. Stacy is seen at a crazy party with some guys and she's too drunk to know what she's talking about. She is again seen toward the end when Red ditched Blue to go and have a crazy sex party with her. She is seen once more at Pink's birthday party introducing the Fat Ugly Girl as her sister to her.


Stacy is a purple female stick figure with two pigtails. She has two eyelashes on each eye. She also has big boobs, which were revealed to be the world's most perfect boobs in the episode "Modern Flame War 3" and as clothing, she wears a skirt.

In the episode "Modern Flame War 3," Stacy got a new haircut, which was wearing her hair down. Her hair seemed to have been longer and wavier. She was also a different tone of purple in this episode, although this may have only seemed this way because of the lighting of the room she was in.


Stacy is a wild party girl who is obsessed with having sex and doing drugs. She will have sex with just about anybody she talks to. The person who she has sex with the most is her boyfriend Red. She is also a complete idiot, which is most likely caused by the vast amount of drugs and alcohol that she consumes. This causes her to often say and do random things for no reason.

In the episode Robot Frog, it was revealed that Stacy used to be a mature, intelligent, and mentally sane person, but grew tired of it and decided to completely change her personality into an insane, drugged-up party slut.



Red Reuniting with Stacy

Red is Stacy's boyfriend who she first met him in the episode "First Day of Cool," but overtime, they might have grown apart and they forgot each other until they came across each other again and started dating in the episode "Trouble Date." They departed after that again and didn't meet each other again until the episode "Modern Flame War 3." Ever since then, they have had a very sexually active relationship. Although Stacy is dating Red, on multiple occasions she has been seen having sex with other boys. Such as Broseph in the episode "A Hobbit of Thrones" and Stephen and Chad in "Dick Figures: The Movie" and it was lightly implied that the may possibly have had sex with Blue once in the episode "Terminate-Her!." She has however had sex with Red the most as well as having him be the only one who she is actually dating. In the episode "First Day of Cool," it was revealed that Stacy had really loved Red ever since she first met him when they were little kids as she called him sexy. She might have forgotten about him overtime for she has dated Blue before he has in the episode "Robot Frog," but seems to like her relationship with Red better than the one with Blue.


Stacy and Blue

It was revealed in the episode "Robot Frog" that Blue used to be dating Stacy before Stacy started dating Red. When Stacy was dating Blue, she was a lot more mature and mentally sane. This was all until she decided that she was sick of herself and she changed her personality to a psychopathic party slut and subsequently broke up with Blue. This left Blue heartbroken and he was having some real trouble with it as seen in "A Bee or Something." In episodes that take place after these events, Blue seems to have a very unsettled and confusing nature when he interacts with Stacy. When he first saw her in the episode "Trouble Date," she had moved on to Red and her relationship with him seemed to be better than the one with Blue. Blue was shocked by this and screamed "Shit!" When Red saw him and they came over to their table during his date with his new girlfriend Pink, Blue said "Oh, no." because he knew the entire thing would be very awkward. In the episode "Modern Flame War 3," Blue was shocked to see Stacy again. When Stacy showed her boobs, he shielded his eyes and exclaimed "The beauty!" He must have gotten over it by the time of the episode "A Hobbit of Thrones" because he was actually happy to see her join the game. However, this may only have been because Pink was joining the game as well. Blue and Stacy may still be good friends despite their breakup considering she came to his birthday party in the episode "Happy Birthdump." In the episode "Terminate-Her!," Blue told Sarah Connors that he was not a virgin which may imply that he had sex with Stacy while he was dating her.


Stacy and Pink

Pink and Stacy are good friends with each other. They have known each other since they were very young according to the episode "First Day of Cool." When Pink and Stacy are with each other, Pink starts acting more crazy and stupid like Stacy. For instance: In the episode "A Hobbit of Thrones," Pink and Stacy got high on pot brownies and started saying and doing random and stupid things. In "Dick Figures: The Movie," Pink went to Stacy's apartment to ask her where Red was. However, Stacy was too drunk and sexed up to help her. Later in the movie, Stacy was invited to Pink's birthday party where she and Pink talked for a bit. She even introduced her to her sister, which is the Fat Ugly Girl. Their relationship is pretty much the same as Red and Blue's relationship with Stacy being Red and Pink being Blue.


In the episode "A Hobbit of Thrones", it was shown that Broseph has the hots for Stacy and was hitting on her, hoping for sex with her. Stacy was actually willing to do it with him and so they did, meaning that Stacy has a second love interest for Broseph. However, Stacy was high on pot while she did this so these may not have been her true feelings for him.

Fat Ugly Girl

In Dick Figures: The Movie, it was revealed that Stacy and The Fat Ugly Girl are sisters. She seemed unhappy to see her in the episode "Trouble Date." It is possible that she was drunk when she called Fat Ugly Girl her sister however, Fat Ugly Girl did not react when she said this and instead just said "Happy Birthday" as though Stacy was telling the truth.


  • "My name's Stacy."
  • "You kiss your mouth with that mother?"
  • "Take me home!"
  • "Holy shit don't shoot me!"
  • "I've got both your achievements right here."
  • "I got another hair cut."
  • "Yeah, bitch we want some of that fucking gold am I right?"
  • "Oh ,you know - chocolate and flour and pot and sugar and -"
  • "Yeah, it's covered in candy and like, Jaime Lannister's hair."
  • "You know nothing Bro-Crow!"
  • "Surprise!"
  • "Do you think there are any boys at this school?"
  • "Hey bitch, you wanna pixie stick?"
  • "Oh my God, you are so sexy."
  • "Time to let the real Stacy out, bitch!"
  • "WOO! I've forgotten everything! YOLO!"
  • "Hey Pink!"
  • "Who's Red?"
  • "Oh you mean Steven?"
  • "Chad, when did you get that party hat?"
  • "Hey boys!"
  • "Happy Birthday, bitch!"
  • "Hey Pink! Have you met my sister?"

Episode Appearances

Major Roles

Minor Roles


Chick Figures

Messin' With Sasquatch

Episode Roles

A Bee or Something - Stacy technically made a vocal cameo in this episode when Blue said his girlfriend broke up with him because in the episode "Robot Frog" it was proved that Stacy used to go out with him.

Trouble Date - Stacy & Red came to the French restaurant & ruined Blue's date wth Pink. They ate Blue and Pink's food in a sexual way, which led to them making out (and possibly having sex) on the table while being lit on fire.


Stacy in Modern Flame War 3

Modern Flame War 3 - Red found out that Stacy had the world's most perfect boobs. She was also working at Cybertime Systems & had a different hairstyle.

Fang Angels - Stacy made a vocal cameo when Red mentioned her name over the phone with Blue. Then he said he name in question which made Pink think he was talking to another girl.

First Day of Cool - Stacy was one of the kindergartners at the school. She was getting off the bus asking if there were any boys at the school. She was seen again eating a Pixy Stix. Then she was seen telling Red that he was sexy. She seemed to be friends with Pink.

Ocho Muerte - When Blue asked where Red had his keys he said that Stacy said that he should swallow them to keep them safe. So she just made a vocal cameo in this episode.

Robot Frog - Blue opened up the door for his girlfriend who wasn't seen at first, only heard. At first it was thought she was Pink, but when it showed who the girl was, it was Stacy. Stacy broke up with Blue in this episode proving that she used to be his girlfriend who was mentioned in the episode "A Bee or Something"

Dick Figures: The Movie - Stacy had six appearances in the movie. Once as a kid, once as a teenager, once going to college. She appeared later at her apartment where Pink asked her if she knew were Red would be. But she misunderstood. Later she appears when Red & Blue come back to America. She finally appears at Pink's birthday party and reveals to Pink her sister.

A Hobbit of Thrones - Stacy and Pink play Dungeons & Dragons with their boyfriends, but both get high during the game and start directing it, to Blue's chagrin.

Chick Figures - Burgundy, the male version of Stacy appeared in this episode. After Scarlet set off the fire alarms, Burgundy went up to her and talked to her about her wheelbarrow full of liquor. They subsequently had sex under the wheelbarrow.

Happy Birthdump - When Red and Blue got home, Stacy, along with the rest of Blue's friends were seen holding them a surprise party. Stacy yelled out "Surprise" along with the others which scared Red and Blue, causing them to shit their pants.

To see what episodes Stacy has appeared in, see: Stacy/Appearances



Stacy taken from

  • In Robot Frog, it is revealed that she was Blue's girlfriend before Pink was.
  • When Blue was talking to Stacy. She sounded like Pink until she let 'the real Stacy out', which was because she was voiced by Shea Logsdon at that point.
    • She was with Blue for two years, until she dumped him.
  • Some fans think that she might've been the woman who hits Red with a broken bottle in Panda Hat, the girl dressed as a bunny in Terminate-Her!, the lady that Red was making out with on Pleasure Cruise, or one of the lesbians at the LEZ building in Taco Tuesday (as seen in YouTube comments), but all of those women had a lighter shade of purple, so there is a most likely chance it wasn't Stacy.
  • In Y U So Meme?, her game name is HotStacy69.
  • She can eat a whole french baguette in just one bite.
  • She seems to be an airheaded bimbo, because in Trouble Date, when the waiter places Blue & Pink's meal on the table and says "Bon appetit", Stacy yells at him by saying "You kiss your mouth with that mother?!" instead of saying "You kiss your mother with that mouth?!"
  • She has no issue with making out or having sex in public.
  • Her intelligence had probably increased since she got a job at Cybertime Systems.
  • In Modern Flame War 3, Stacy has a different appearance. She has a different hairstyle because she got a haircut, looks more magenta than purple, and doesn't have a skirt.
  • The reason Stacy's appearance has changed is probably because she has been confused with other minor characters such as the bunny girl in Terminate-Her!
  • It is possible that Red has had so little contact with her, otherwise he would've know that she a got a job at Cybertime Systems & that she got a haircut.
  • In Modern Flame War 3, her voice changed in Cybertime Systems when she said, "Holy shit! Don't shoot me!" and, "I got both of your achievements right here." Except when she said, "I got another haircut." in her ordinary accent.
  • Stacy & Red might have died in the explosion in Modern Flame War 3, but there's no proof. However, Blue & Jason (Trollz0r) survived the explosion, so there's a chance Red & Stacy survived the explosion too.
  • Stacy has a very strong sex drive (like Red), showing because she tongue-kissed with Red while entering Le Food, ate a 2-ft long baguette, licked a candle (like a penis), and revealed her boobs to him in Modern Flame War 3.
  • Apparently, her name can also be spelled as "Stacey", because in Modern Flame War 3, when Red is searching for the perfect boobs, when you look at the bottom of his computer screen, he has a link to Stacy's webcam, but in the link, her name is spelled with an "e" in between the "c" and "y".
    • Also, if Red has been talking to her through webcam, he would've been able to see that her appearance changed.
  • Since that she has her old hair style back in the T-shirt teaser, the new haircut was probably just temporary, but it is unknown whether she still has her job at Cybertime Systems.

    Stacy with her old appearance in the T-Shirt teaser.

  • She might have relapses of intelligence as she went to Cybertime Systems employee to calling a T-shirt shoes.
  • Stacy is believed to have died twice in Modern Flame War 3 & the T-shirt teaser.
  • It is possible she made a cameo appearance in Planet Asshole, when Der & Eulb start stealing all the burritos a woman with her exact new appearance (Modern Flame War 3) is seen with a green man before floating away.
  • Stacy may have turned into a whore by eating Pixy Stix, as seen in First Day of Cool.
  • She was into boys at an early age possibly because she hit puberty earlier than anyone else.
  • In Freshman 15, one of the writings on the walls has Stacy's phone number, 555-8008.
    • When you flip the number upside down, it reads "BOOBSSS"
  • According to Ed Skudder, in the Kickstarter Countdown, there's a big rivalry between Stacy & Pink (rivalry has which is better according to the fans).
  • Stacy can be compared to Quinn Garvey from How I Met Your Mother, for her sluttiness and immorality. As well as Becky, for their trampiness, loud, rambunctious behavior, and the fact that their unjustifiable stupidity is forgiven by everyone, because of their exterior sexiness.
  • Stacy was apparently Blue's ex-girlfriend that he mentioned in A Bee or Something, according to the episode Robot Frog, which is a prequel.
    • It appears that when she was with Blue, she was actually a civilized and sane person, before "letting out the real Stacy".
  • It is also said in Robot Frog that she went to med school & had 3 jobs.
    • One of her 3 jobs might be her job at Cybertime Systems.
  • More than likely her new appearance, in Modern Flame War 3 (with an another haircut), was only a 1 time thing since every other time she is seen it's with her original appearance.
  • She, Pink, and Earl Grey are (so far) the only characters who had vocal cameos.
    • Stacy had more vocal cameos though.
  • Stacy has 2 different colors, her regular purple, and a darker purple (possibly magenta) but this is only seen in First Day of Cool & Modern Flame War 3.
  • She seems to be a good cook, since she made brownies that Pink said were good in A Hobbit of Thrones, though that might've been the fact they had pot in them.
  • In Modern Flame War 3, it is reveal that she has the perfect boobs.
  • In the movie her apartment door says 36DD which my mean that's her bra size.


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