The Street Artists
Gangsters info
"It's true amigo"
Vital statistics
Title Debut: Lord Tourette's Syndrome
Gender Males
Status Alive
Friends El Diablo Rojo (Unknown, possibly Red.)
Enemies Probably everyone
Aliases Gangsters, Street Artists, Brown and Gold (possible real names)
Times Dead 1 (both)
Voiced By Rafael Hurtado
Ed Skudder
Zack Keller

The street artists are 2 minor characters in the Dick Figures series. They're Hispanic as they have said Spanish words such as "amigo", "gracias" & "peligro" but according to them they aren't Mexican, but Guadalajaran. They are parodies of Hispanic criminals/gang members.

Their colors are brown & green-brown.


Lord Tourette's Syndrome

This is the 1st appearance of the street artists. They warn Red, Blue, and Lord Tourettes that the streets are dangerous. They are then touched when Lord Tourettes compliments their graffiti painting and cry in each others' arms as Red, Blue, and Lord Tourettes back away.

We're Cops!

In this episode, they're shown to be operating a medicinal marijuana dispensary, giving weed to Red and Blue.

Planet Asshole

They are seen holding onto the power lines when the aliens were taking all the burritos.


They are seen in the saloon, telling Red that they are not Mexican, but Guadalajaran.

The Red Devil

Blue & Red arrive at Mexico, where the street artists sees them and recognize Red as "El Diablo Rojo" (The Red Devil). They tell him that they were waiting for him, in order to to kill some Mexicans that were trying to sell burritos. In the end, they get killed by Red, since he wanted the burritos for himself.


  • They're depicted as tough guys, but actually they are very sensible.
  • In The Red Devil, it's shown that the green-brown street artist has another pair of sunglasses behind his pair of sunglasses (he has two sunglasses).
  • Also in The Red Devil, it's shown in the captions that their real names are possibly Brown (the brown street artist) and Gold (the green-brown street artist).
  • They are Mexican since Guadalajara isn't a country, but a Mexican city.


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