Trouble Date
Season 1, Episode 7
Dick Figures - Trouble Date

Dick Figures - Trouble Date

Air date Feburary 10, 2011
Episode run time 2:08
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Blue and Pink's romantic meal is ruined when Red gets his salad tossed. Sacré Blue!


Minor Characters


(At a French restaurant, Le Food, Blue and the woman from Flame War are seated at a table.)

Pink woman: This is such a nice restaurant. French cuisine? You're so cultural, Blue.

Blue: ¡Gracias!

Pink woman: What's your favorite dish?

Blue: (picks up the menu) Oh, you know! All the hits like, Beef "Borgnonion" (Bourguignon) and, uh, French Onion "Sop" (Soup)....

Pink woman: I didn't know you spoke French!

Blue: Konichiwa.

(Raccoon, who is seated near them, heard Blue.)

Raccoon: Wwwhat?!

Blue: When I was in Paris, I had the most delicious bowl of-- Shit!

(Red kicks down the restaurant door and trots in with a violet woman in his grasp while tongue-kissing her.)

Pink woman: (referring to what Blue was saying) Oh, is that a French dish?

Blue: Uh... it-- it means salmon...

Pink woman: (suspicious) You had a bowl of salmon?

Red: (off-screen) Hey, Blue!

Blue: Oh, no...

Red: (on-screen with violet woman) ♪I just got a new girlfriend. (points at the violet woman, who leans on him, then points at the pink woman) Who's that? That's your new girlfriend!♪ (points at the fat ugly girl, who is seated right behind them) I told you to go home.

(Somber music plays as she walks away.)

Blue: (music stops) Oh, uh, this is Pink.

Red: And this is... what's your name?

Violet woman: (ditsy voice) My name's Stacy. (Leans on the table while Red leans back a little, trying to peek through her skirt.)

Red: Really?!

(Red sits next to Blue)

Red: Hi.

Blue: Dude! You're ruining our first date, get the fuck out of here!

Red: Yeah, right! Someone's getting laid tonight. (In whisper) It's me! Up top!

French waiter: (sets a plate of food on the table) Bon appétit.

Stacy: You kiss your mouth with that motheeer?!

Blue: (to Pink) I'm so sorry.

(She glares at him suspiciously.)

French waiter: (sets a plate of oysters on the table) Your oysters, monsieur.

(Red picks up an oyster.)

Blue: Uh, buddy, that's my dinner...

(Red and Stacy look at each other seductively. Red opens the oyster shell and sticks his tongue out.)

Blue: Red, what are you doing?! (Red rubs the oyster all over his face.) Oh, God, that's gross! Aah...

(Stacy pulls out a long baguette from a bread basket.)

Blue: No!

(Stacy starts putting it in her mouth.)

Pink: (staring with shock) Ew...

Red: (his eye pupils shrink) The whole loaf!

(Stacy swallows it whole.)

Pink: Ugh!

(Red devours Blue and Pink's ice cream fudge and cherry dessert, which resembles two breasts.)

Blue: Aaand there goes our romantic dessert.

(Red chuckles with his mouth full.)

Stacy: Oh, baby. (Grabs the table's candle.)

Blue: Oh, what are you doing? (Stacy starts licking it upward.) Oh, no! Oh, no!! OH, NO!! Aah!

(Stacy blows the flame onto the floral centerpiece.)

Blue: All right, THAT'S IT-!

(Suddenly, Red and Stacy grab each other and make out on the table, which has caught fire.)

Pink: (sighs) Take me home.

Stacy: Oh, take me home! (Continues making out with Red.)

Red: Oh, yeah! Let's go have sex in Blue's bed!

(He and Stacy get set on fire.)

Blue: Check plea--.

-Episode ends-

Dick Figures Title

Dick Figure 31

Trouble Date

  • The I's in the title where the items used by Stacy to arouse Red with.


  • This episode happened on the same week Flame War happened, due to the fact that Pink said they'll go out on a Friday.
  • Blue actually asked Pink out, which was seen in Flame War.
  • The episode name comes from the phrase "Double Date" where a friend and their date invites another friend and their date on a date.
  • Pink is shown to have no knowledge of foreign languages.
  • This is the first time the thumbnail doesn't feature Red, Blue, or both.
  • The food that Red and Stacy eat (including the candle Stacy licks) seem to resemble a man and a woman's private parts (for example, the ice cream that Red eats resembles two breasts, the oyster that he eats resembles a vagina, and the baguette that Stacy eats and the candle she licks resemble a penis).
  • Many fans didn't expect Stacy to not be named after her color.
  • Red and Stacy have high sex levels.

Recurring Gags

Episode Ending

The word DICK FIGURES Shows with the "I"s replaced with a baguette and a candle respectively while the theme song plays, during the episode selection, dance music plays.

Red Floating


Auto-Tune Use


The Last Line Being Cut

When Blue said "please".


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