Vishnu in Dick Figures
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Immortal
Friends None
Times Dead None
Voiced By Unknown

Vishnu is the supreme god of Hinduism. He appeared in the Chick Figures episode Nerve Gas, portrayed as the evil mastermind behind the Indian food that makes you fart. Lavender apparently ate some Indian food which gave her nerve gas, and Vishnu was seen in a cutaway gag, holding a bunch of Indian food and laughing at her.


Vishnu is a giant blue godly stick figure with four arms. He wears a tall, golden crown with a green emerald gem in it. He has dark blue, flowing hair and he wears a brown strap and a purple diaper. He also wears a golden chain necklace. Vishnu sits on a brown, floating carpet that emits a pink, magical magic pond underneath. He speaks with an Indian accent.

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